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Index by ID

This page contains a list of all of the workflows published in the repository sorted by their ID.

ID Product Workflow Name
0001 Talos Intelligence Get New Blog Posts
0002 Talos Intelligence Single Blog Post to SecureX Casebook
0003 Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Microsoft Online Split Tunnel Configuration
0004 Cisco Defense Orchestrator Microsoft Online Object Group Update
0005 Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics Generate Casebook with Flow Links
0006 Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics Quarantine AWS Instances from Alerts
0007 Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics Handle AWS SSH Quarantine Approvals
0008 Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance AWS VPN Capacity Expansion
0009 Cisco Orbital CVE Hunt to ServiceNow Incident
0010 Email Phishing Investigation
0010B Email Phishing Investigation - Statistics
0011 Talos Intelligence SolarWinds Investigation
0012 Cisco Secure Endpoint Threat Hunting Events to Incidents
0013 Cisco Secure Firewall Impact Red Remediation
0014 Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics Isolate Endpoints from Alerts
0015A Cisco Secure Firewall Block Observables - Setup
0015B Cisco Secure Firewall Block Observables
0016 Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics Block IPs and Domains from Alerts in Umbrella
0017 Cisco Umbrella Add to Destination List
0018 ServiceNow Request Firewall NullRoute
0019 Cisco Meraki MX L3 Outbound Firewall Block
0020 Cisco SecureX Incident Manager Cleanup
0021 Cisco Secure Endpoint Vulnerabilities to ServiceNow Incidents
0022 Cisco Secure Endpoint Vulnerabilities to SecureX Incidents
0023 Cisco Umbrella Excessive Requests to Incidents
0024 Cisco Secure Firewall Incident Endpoint Enrichment
0025 Cisco Secure Email Investigate Retrospective Alerts
0026 Cisco Secure Endpoint Threat Detected Events to Incidents
0027 Cisco Identity Services Engine Quarantine Endpoint
0028 Cisco Identity Services Engine UnQuarantine Endpoint
0029 Cisco Identity Services Engine Add Endpoint to Identity Group
0030 Cisco Identity Services Engine Remove Endpoint from Identity Group
0031 Cisco Secure Firewall Microsoft Online Dynamic Object Update
0032 Cisco Secure Network Analytics Isolate Endpoints and Block Hashes from Alarms
0033 Cisco Secure Network Analytics Block External Threats With Umbrella
0034 Cisco Secure Network Analytics Generate Casebook with Top Hosts and Peers
0035 Microsoft Graph/Azure AD Get Blocked Sign-Ins
0036 Microsoft Graph/Azure AD Get New Users
0037 Cisco Umbrella Search DNS Activity by Category
0038 Tufin IPS Alert Enrichment
0039 Tufin Request Threat Containment
0040 Tufin Request Server Decommission
0041 Cisco Umbrella Top 10 Blocked Identities to ServiceNow