Account Keys

Account keys are what SecureX orchestration calls credentials. They come in a wide variety of different types that correspond to the types of targets that are available. Targets are not required to have account keys, however, for targets with account keys the key type must match the target type. SecureX orchestration comes out of the box with some default account keys configured.

We've released a new account key type called "SecureX Token." This is a special account key that allows you to communicate with SecureX APIs without needing to generate a client ID and secret. Click here for more information about this new account key type and how to use it.

Key Types

Account keys come in a variety of different types. Keep in mind that an account key’s type must match the target it’s being used with.

Key Type Target Types
AWS Credentials AWS Endpoint
Email Credentials POP3 Endpoint, SMTP Endpoint
Git Password-Based Credentials Git Endpoint
Git Token-Based Credentials Git Endpoint
Google Cloud Platform Authentication Google Cloud Platform Endpoint
HTTP Basic Authentication HTTP Endpoint
HTTP Client Certificate Authentication HTTP Endpoint
HTTP Signature Authentication HTTP Endpoint
JDBC Login Credentials JDBC Database Server
Meraki Credentials Meraki Endpoint
Microsoft Windows Credentials Microsoft Windows Endpoint
SecureX Token HTTP Endpoint
SNMP Credentials SNMP Endpoint
Terminal Key-Based Credentials Terminal Endpoint, Terraform Endpoint, Unix/Linux Endpoint
Terminal Password-Based Credentials Terminal Endpoint, Terraform Endpoint, Unix/Linux Endpoint

API Credentials

Wondering how to store API credentials? It depends…

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