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Default Repositories

When a SecureX orchestration tenant is created, five default GitHub targets are created to import initial content. If you need to re-import any of the default atomic actions or workflows, you can use these repos to do so.

Repository Name Purpose
CiscoSecurity_Atomics Additional atomic actions published by Cisco
CiscoSecurity_Workflows Additional workflows and samples published by Cisco
Github_Target_Atomics Default atomic actions for products like Threat Response and Webex
Github_Target_Utils Utility workflows for tenant configuration and setup
Github_Target_Workflows Default workflows

But wait, I don’t have these…

If you’re missing one of the CiscoSecurity repositories, you can follow the instructions on this page to configure them.

If you’re missing one of the Github_Target repositories, something didn’t go quite right when your tenant was provisioned. Please get in touch with Cisco TAC for help getting them created.

Cisco Support