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Important Notes

When using SecureX orchestration, it’s important to be aware of the items listed on this page.



  • A workflow must be in a valid state to be executed manually or triggered by an event. Examples:
    • If you make changes to a workflow and don’t validate it, the next time the workflow is scheduled to run it may fail to execute.
    • If you have a workflow configured with an Email Event trigger and you’re working on the workflow when an email arrives, the workflow may fail to execute if it isn’t in a valid state.
  • By default, loops are limited to 500 iterations. If a loop attempts to run more than 500 times, the loop will be terminated and the workflow will fail. You can change the maximum number of iterations using the AO_LOOP_LIMIT environment variable.
  • If you want to import an updated version of a workflow that you already have, keep in mind that any changes you’ve made will be overwritten. To avoid overwriting your changes, you can always import a workflow as a copy.


  • Targets must be accessible from the internet since SecureX orchestration resides within a public cloud. If you want to integrate an on-premises product into a workflow, check out the orchestration remote.


  • The Email Event event will only parse 5 emails per minute. If more than 5 messages arrive within that timeframe, the event will continute parsing emails five at a time until it catches up.
  • If a trigger using the Email Event fails and has to re-start polling, any emails received during the time the trigger wasn’t running will be ignored.
  • Each type of event can only trigger workflows up to 5,000 times per 24 hour period (based on UTC time). For example, if you have 3 email events configured, they can only trigger 5,000 workflow executions total within a 24 hour period. This limit does not apply to other workflow execution methods such as clicking the run button or using a schedule.