Additional Resources

This page contains links to a variety of additional SecureX and SecureX orchestration resources.


Title Description Link
Orchestration Overview In this video, we take a tour of SecureX orchestration and talk about its primary components including targets, account keys, variables, and schedules. YouTube
Building a Workflow Once you understand the basics of SecureX orchestration, you can dive into building your first workflow. In this video, we build a simple demo workflow to help you get familiar with the workflow editor. YouTube
Building an Atomic Action Atomic actions simplify repetitive tasks by allowing you to build reusable activities in SecureX orchestration. YouTube
Response Workflows Response workflows appear in SecureX and Threat Response pivot menus and allow you to customize incident investigation and response. YouTube
Import and Export In this video, we’ll explore the various options available in SecureX orchestration for importing and exporting your workflows and atomic actions. YouTube
ThreatWiseTV - Secure Remote Workers Experience how SecureX scales secure remote access by optimizing VPN capacity. YouTube
ThreatWiseTV - Simplify Threat Hunting Watch how SecureX with Cisco Talos and third-party vulnerability sources simplify the hunt. YouTube

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