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Importing Git Content

Using the Git repositories configured in Orchestration, you can import a wide variety of content published by Cisco.

Import and Export

Note on the “Import as a New Workflow (Clone)” Checkbox

When importing workflows and atomic actions, you’ll see a checkbox labeled: Import as a New Workflow (Clone). If you’re trying to import an object that already exists, you need to be careful whether or not you check this box.

If you’re importing something that already exists and:

  • The box is checked: A copy of the object will be made.
  • The box is NOT checked: You will be asked if you want to overwrite the existing object.

Import Steps

The process for importing workflows and atomic actions is exactly the same. The only different is which Git repository you select since we keep workflows in one folder and atomic actions in another.

  1. On your Workflows page, click the Import button (next to the New Workflow button)
  2. Select the Git Repository you want to import content from. If you followed our configuration instructions, you should select:
    • CiscoSecurity_Workflows for workflows
    • CiscoSecurity_Atomics for atomic actions
  3. Once the Filename list loads, look for the item you want to import and select it
  4. Next, the Git Version list will populate. Select the version of the item you want to import (you’ll usually want the latest version)
  5. If applicable, check the Import as a New Workflow (Clone) box (see note above)
  6. Click the Import button
  7. If the workflow contains Secure Strings, you may be asked to provide their values during import. If you don’t have the values handy, you can provide placeholder values and update them later