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Upload File

Category: File Operations

This activity allows you to upload a file to an HTTP-based target. The file must be from a file operations activity that returns a File variable. For example, you could download a file from one server using Download File and upload it to a different one using this activity. Usage of this activity is almost the same as the HTTP Request activity.


  • This activity works the same as a file upload form you would see on a website. The file is simply part of the payload being pushed to the remote server via HTTP.

Specifying a Payload

Unlike the normal HTTP Request activity which only allows you to use a string payload, this activity allows you to upload a file as either Form-Data or Binary-Data. After configuring the activity similar to a normal HTTP request, you need to specify the file or text payload and how it should be sent. Here’s a sample showing how to upload a file that was previously downloaded using the Download File activity: